Hello, I'm

Bruno Calderaro.

A freelance Web Designer based in Liverpool.

About Me

I'm a brazilian-born Web Designer that came to try life in the UK, but only recently got to Liverpool from London.

I enjoy writting CSS and HTML, researching computer parts, spreadsheets. I can also use the ADOBE software package, photoshop being my main tool for image editing.

For more detailed information, please use the links below to see my Curriculum and Linkedin.

LinkedIn Curriculum


I've done quite a few courses since very young when I first had interest in computers (something I still have).

I really enjoy writting good CSS / HTML and lightweight pages, using scripts only when necessary. Photoshop and Illustrator helps me cover most of my graphic editing needs.

Fast development.
Boilerplates and CMS knowledge for dynamic content.

Mobile first.
Websites that look well on any platform.

Visuals or Performance?
Why choose between one or the other when you can have both.

Reach more!
Social media integration and SEO optimization.


I've worked through many different projects such as blogs, websites, forums and logos, these are my main projects, unfortunately I can't direct link some of them. Check my CV or LinkedIn for full information.

Let's have some tea?

Feel free to contact me, be it to schedule an interview or just to say hello. I'll be in touch as soon as possible.